About Kwan Ming Bistro

Kwan Ming Bistro was established to bring incredible Chinese dishes to the Wesley Chapel area. With over 30 years of Chinese cuisine experience of various styles of Chinese food, Kwan Ming takes pride and care in preparing the best dishes that you will find nowhere else in all of Wesley Chapel! Our Chef's Specials garner rave reviews due to their delicious taste and freshness. We would eat our own dishes every day - this is the difference between chefs who cook Chinese to simply earn a few dollars and chefs who believe cooking comes from the heart.

We care. We care that you put the best and healthiest ingredients in your body, and enjoy doing so! We listen to our customers and take them seriously. This is why we believe people go out of their way to tell others about our cuisine! Why don't you give us a try?

Did You Know?

All of our dishes are cooked (and marinated) with zero (0) transfat oil! Good for your health, and one less thing to worry about!