Why We're Unique

As we've already mentioned, not all Chinese restaurants are the same. We take an incredible amount of pride in what and how we prepare and cook our dishes - only the best ingredients along with fresh vegetables, seafood, and meat make it through our kitchen. We are known for the following unique qualities:

Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Our Cantonese and Hong Kong style dishes represent the best that China has to offer! Our food does not contain second-rate sauces or cheap alternatives to Chinese spices. Our unique blend of sauces and collection of dishes will bring the incredible tastes of the Orient without compromise. We're not proud of how many restaurants "Americanize" their dishes. Our dishes taste as though you just took a trip to the best restaurants in China!

Only the Freshest Ingredients

We are selective about where we get our vegetables, poultry, steak, seafood, even where we acquire our seasonings! We also make our own egg rolls, marinate our seafood and meats, and custom create many of our seasonings (for example, our hot sauce is a unique blend of hot pepper oil, fragrant garlic, and a touch of sesame oil - designed by our chefs)! Our customers taste the difference! It's that kind of pride that results in freshly prepared Chinese food every time.

Fast, Friendly Service

We hold our customers in the highest regard. If anything isn't right, we make it right. If your experience isn't above and beyond other Chinese restaurants, we want to know. Why? Because our customers matter to us.

A Spotless Kitchen and Clean Cooking Practices

Our kitchen is like heaven to us. We want it to be clean. It means cleaning every utensil that gets used and making sure that foods are properly handled to avoid any contamination. We are proud of our kitchen and how we handle our food to make sure you get the best product possible.

Did You Know?

All of our dishes are cooked (and marinated) with zero (0) transfat oil! Good for your health, and one less thing to worry about!